Brookstone Harvey Solid Room Darkening Rod Pocket Blackout Curtain


Upgrade your space with the used Brookstone Harvey Solid Room Darkening Rod Pocket Blackout Curtain. Designed for ultimate light control, these curtains create a serene ambiance while adding a touch of sophistication. With their solid color and rod pocket design, they effortlessly complement any decor. Experience tranquility and style with these high-quality curtains.


Key Features:


– Ultimate light control with room-darkening capabilities

– Solid color design for a sleek and sophisticated look

– Convenient rod pocket for easy installation

– High-quality construction for durability and longevity

– Versatile and adaptable to various decor styles



– Maximum privacy and enhanced room darkening for a peaceful ambiance

– Improved quality of sleep by blocking out external light and noise

– Energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer and maintaining desired room temperature

– Protection of furniture and flooring from harmful UV rays

– Stylish and elegant addition to any room decor

– Easy installation and hassle-free maintenance for convenience

Technical Details: 

– Material: Polyester

– Package includes: 1 curtain panel

– Curtain dimensions: Varies based on size selection

– Rod pocket size: Standard size

– Color options: Varies based on color selection


Care Instructions:

– Machine washable in cold water

– Use a gentle cycle

– Do not bleach

– Tumble dry on low heat

– Iron on low heat if needed


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